Buying Natural Gas

Buying Natural Gas SnapShot

Natural gas price volatility is a major concern for many global businesses, especially since the record highs reached during early 2022.

Buying Electric in APAC

Buying Electricity in APAC SnapShot

Electricity prices are affected by several different factors and therefore vary across regions and countries.

Buying Electric

Buying Electricity SnapShot

Electricity price increases are prevalent, and an ongoing concern for Procurement.

Category Planning White Paper

Why it's Time to Rewrite Category Plans

The acceleration of change within Procurement is greater than ever. Organisations are demanding continued support from Procurement to manage the supply chain in these volatile times. Download this…
Facilities Management White paper

Facilities Management in a Post-Pandemic World

Since the coronavirus pandemic, facilities managers have needed to explore new opportunities for remote working and socially-distanced personnel. As Procurement prepares for the return to the…
Supply Chain Due Diligence Act SnapShot

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act SnapShot

The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act comes into force in Germany in January 2023, which will make large companies accountable for human rights violations and more.