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Spinning Plates: How to Master Marketing Procurement

Special guest Craig Butler, Senior Category Manager, Marketing Procurement, Europe at Kellanova discusses the pivotal role of Marketing Procurement in shaping business…

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Ethical Procurement: From Cost to Conscience and the C-Suite

While environmental and economic sustainability have traditionally taken the spotlight for Procurement, it’s now the turn of social sustainability.  Ignoring it could mean risking…

ProcureTech: Creating a Compelling Business Case

ProcureTech: Creating a Compelling Business Case with James Meads

Given the rapid rise in the capabilities of generative AI, finding the right digital solution is crucial for transforming procurement processes; whether that be completely new tools, or existing…


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The Missing Link - Preparing Our People For The Future Of AI

Amidst all the excitement around how AI will transform the way Procurement delivers value to organisations, one key ingredient never receives enough attention: our people.

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The rise of Chat GPT has catapulted AI into the limelight, captivating the public's imagination.

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Driving Successful Procurement Transformation Uniting Goals, Digitalisation And Talent

We're proud to host our 10th joint webinar with the Smart Cube!  Our expert procurement panelists Andre Almeida of AkzoNobel and Anastasio Yehyawi Valenzuela join hosts Graham and Omer to…

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Recognising the pivotal role of AI in improving Procurement’s efficiency and innovation, a benchmarking initiative was conducted within the CASME membership to investigate the…

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STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: A Guide to Building Relationships

Certain procurement challenges have staying power, and that’s especially true for mastering effective stakeholder engagement.

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AI Driven Procurement: Now and in Future

Given the popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), avoiding the hype is a challenge along with resisting the fear of falling behind.

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