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Uncovering Hidden Opportunities In Procurement

Now is the perfect time for Indirect Procurement to unlock hidden opportunities but it’s easy to overlook the most obvious. Many solutions can be found in the most simple, yet profound, ideas.

2022: What's Next for Procurement Webinar Image


Looking back at another turbulent year it’s clear that Procurement continued to play a pivotal role by mitigating risk, managing supply chains and moving their organisations back on to the front…

Centres of Excellence Webinar

Transforming Centres of Excellence

Constantly striving to achieve excellence through efficiencies and effectiveness can be a tough challenge.  That’s where a Centre of Excellence can ease the pain.  Whatever the…

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Using Procurement Analytics To Become An Agent Of Change

Advanced analytics have not been a traditional weapon in the category manager’s arsenal but there are a whole range of accessible tools and techniques that can be applied to deliver better…

How to unlock a sustainable future webinar

How to Unlock a Sustainable Future

Rightly or wrongly, Procurement has gained a reputation for cost-cutting. So how does it achieve improvements in value-based purchasing decisions?

rethink your Category Playbook Webinar

Let It Go Webinar: Your questions answered

Following the joint webinar with The Smart Cube on rethinking your category playbook, Omer and Graham run though the questions we didn't get chance to cover.

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Let it go – rethink your category playbook

Graham Crawshaw of CASME and Omer Abdullah of The Smart Cube, present a webinar on why Procurement needs to think category strategies in light of Covid-19, including a '100-days’ action plan…