Going For Gold Techniques To Optimise Cost And Rapidly Deliver Value

How can Procurement rapidly reduce costs within 30-days and make an immediate impact to the business? Nicolas Walden and Chris Sawchuk from The Hackett Group join host Graham Crawshaw to explore tools and techniques such as data-driven frameworks, scenario planning, supplier relationship management and AI technology.

Amidst all the excitement around how AI will transform the way Procurement delivers value to organisations, one key ingredient never receives enough attention: our people.

The rise of Chat GPT has catapulted AI into the limelight, captivating the public's imagination.

We're proud to host our 10th joint webinar with the Smart Cube!  Our expert procurement panelists Andre Almeida of AkzoNobel and Anastasio Yehyawi Valenzuela join hosts Graham and Omer to…