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Going for Gold Webinar: Managing Market Pressures to Deliver Value

New Webinar: Managing Market Pressures to Deliver Value - 21 March

Procurement faces substantial challenges in navigating current market pressures, inflation, supplier scarcity, and expected talent shortages. How can Procurement effectively address these…

Challenges and Priorities for Procurement in 2024

Challenges and Priorities for Procurement in 2024

The ongoing global situation means that it’s never been more important for Procurement professionals to develop resilient supply chains and understand the potential challenges ahead.

Karen Fedele - CASME Facilitator

The Procurement Interview - Karen Fedele

Karen Fedele has over 40 years of supply management experience across pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and technology sectors.

AI hand meeting a human hand

Embracing AI in Procurement

Since the introduction of ChatGPT versions 3.5 and 4, the surge in interest surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Title graphic with face made of blocks

Separating AI hype from reality in Procurement

The rise of Chat GPT has catapulted AI into the limelight, captivating the public's imagination.

20 years looking back over two decades

Transformational Shifts in Procurement: Looking Back over Two Decades

In January 2003, CASME held its first ever RoundTable, marking the beginning of a truly global procurement community that exists today.

Image of Amanda Wood

Supply Chain Decarbonisation with Amanda Wood, BAE Systems

Amanda Wood is the Group Sustainability Director, Supply Chain for BAE Systems Plc.

Man holding a lightbulb

Insights for Chief Procurement Officers

In this guest article, CASME facilitator CC Chang reflects on the key themes discussed by CPOs and senior procurement professionals at ProcureCon Asia 2023, and the widespread…

Picture of CC Chang

The Procurement Interview - CC Chang

CC Chang has more than 30 years of experience in procurement transformation, change management and talent development in different regions and countries…

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