Driving Successful Procurement Transformation Uniting Goals, Digitalisation And Talent

We're proud to host our 10th joint webinar with the Smart Cube!  Our expert procurement panelists Andre Almeida of AkzoNobel and Anastasio Yehyawi Valenzuela join hosts Graham and Omer to discuss what digital transformation means in practice, including how to drive change and deliver better outcomes.

How can Procurement rapidly reduce costs within 30-days and make an immediate impact to the business?

Special guests Alessandra Tassini-Negri from Dun and Bradstreet and Stacie Lee Peterson from Eli Lily join hosts Omer and Graham to discuss how Procurement can best approach risk management, the…

While Procurement was put under the spotlight during the pandemic and has, by all accounts, raised its game, 2023 poses an altogether different challenge.