AI Driven Procurement: Now and in Future
AI Driven Procurement White paper front cover

Given the popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), avoiding the hype is a challenge along with resisting the fear of falling behind. Unknowingly, many procurement professionals have already incorporated AI technology into their processes, yet the potential for diverse applications and further implementation continues to grow.  

This white paper adopts a pragmatic and straightforward perspective on the advantages of using AI in procurement. It offers practical guidance on selecting, implementing, and embracing AI tools, emphasising their beneficial impact and the reasons why there’s no need to stress about their role in procurement.


  • AI’s capabilities, uses and potential benefits specifically for Procurement
  • Benchmarking results from the CASME procurement community on how prepared teams are for AI
  • Levels of investment by Procurement  
  • Procurement applications for AI - what’s being used now
  • Obstacles to AI implementation 
  • Tips for mastering AI integration 
  • How to embrace an AI-powered future.

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