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Insights and conversation from the global indirect procurement community.

Ep 9: Unlocking the Value of Strategic Procurement

Discover the strategic procurement talking points from delegates at a recent CASME RoundTable. This podcast includes highlights such as: Strategic Development and Value, Stakeholder and Supplier Engagement, Trends and Technology and Talent Management. 



Episode 8: Demystifying Procurement Tech

Are you puzzled or intrigued by the world of procurement technology, and how automation can streamline ineffective procurement processes? CASME facilitator James Meads has a non-technical conversation with Graham Crawshaw about how procurement technologies can revolutionise business. They look at what's driving digitalisation, the problems it can solve, and why e-tools and procurement technology should be embraced by Procurement.



Episode 7: ESG Compliance in the Next Generation Operating Model

Graham Crawshaw and Brian Cunningham explain the third crucial challenge for establishing the next generation procurement model: creating an ESG culture of compliance – what it is, why it matters and what Procurement needs to know to ensure it happens.



Episode 6: Shopping for the Freshest Graduates? Great opportunities await!

Whether you’re looking for your first job, seeking a career change, or recruiting a talented individual for your procurement team, this is the podcast for you!  Emma Steward (MCIPS), an experienced Senior Procurement Manager, chats with CASME’s Graham Crawshaw (FCIPS) about why working in Procurement is the best job in the world. For those in the know - spread the word!



Episode 5: Procurement’s Shift to the Next Generation Operating Model - Part 2

Inaction is not an option – Procurement must adapt in order to thrive.  In this podcast, a follow-on from Episode 2 in this series, Graham Crawshaw and Brian Cunningham continue to share thoughts on what it takes to succeed and maintain a competitive advantage for the organisation.  They emphasise the critical importance of Procurement’s ability to orchestrate a focused, collaborative link between stakeholders and suppliers.



Episode 4: The Art and Science of Marketing Procurement (with Tina Fegent)

Tina Fegent is one of the most experienced and best-known names in marketing procurement. During this episode, she talks with Graham Crawshaw about how Procurement provides vital support to the marketing function and the growth of digitalisation. They also discuss different agency models, the increasing importance of ethics and trust, and how Procurement’s value can be lost if the pitching process is not fully understood. 



Episode 3: Effective Online Negotiations

Online negotiations have never been so important as the video-conferencing approach is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. This podcast offers key tips for maximising their effectiveness, with practical insights and tactics gathered from the CASME procurement community, that you too can follow when negotiating remotely with your suppliers.



Episode 2: Procurement’s Shift to the Next Generation Operating Model

Graham Crawshaw's guest is Brian Cunningham, an independent procurement facilitator. They discuss why a next generation operating model is needed, creating the right internal conditions for change and preparing for the shift. (Part one of a two part series.)



Episode 1: The New Challenges Facing Buyers of Corporate Travel

Graham Crawshaw talks to business travel specialist Geoff Allwright, about the new challenges facing buyers of corporate travel as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.



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