How Can Procurement Keep its Seat at the Table
CASME and The Smart Cube Webinar: Registration Open

Corporations across the world are facing one of the toughest ever business landscapes with continued inflation, soaring energy prices, increasing geopolitical tensions, and now, a looming recession.

While Procurement was put under the spotlight during the pandemic and has, by all accounts, raised its game, 2023 poses an altogether different challenge. How can the function keep its seat at the table - to strategically support CEOs, CFOs and COOs and enable value creation and overall organisation success - in the context of an ever-tightening economic environment, at both the macro and micro level?

Registration is now open for CASME's final webinar of the year on 8 December 2022. Omer Abdullah from The Smart Cube, Graham Crawshaw, Procurement Content Director from CASME, and a panel of industry experts will discuss what the procurement function needs to do to maintain its priority position, and continue delivering on its promise.

Our panellists will discuss:

  • Key lessons learnt during 2022
  • What the upcoming risk of recession means for Procurement
  • Strategic and tactical levers to stay ahead of the game
  • How the function can continue to evolve.

Places are limited so reserve your complimentary spot today. If you're unable to attend, register anyway and we'll send you a recording after the webinar!


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