CASME RoundTables provide unique interactive opportunities in which to share strategic and tactical information in a safe environment with individuals from other organisations who are part of the CASME procurement community. Sponsors and suppliers are excluded from all services.

With hundreds of events taking place every year, covering over 24 procurement categories and strategic topics, CASME RoundTables address a wide range of procurement subjects. 

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What to expect

  • Full-day procurement category meetings hosted by specialist facilitators
  • Exclusively for members; no suppliers or sponsors
  • Highly interactive knowledge transfer
  • Summary meeting notes provided for your convenience
  • 6 hours accredited CPD/CEH time.

Key takeaways

  • Discover leading-edge ideas and solutions to procurement challenges being addressed or already solved by other CASME members
  • Learn techniques for better category management and engagement with stakeholders
  • Ensure you are focused on the right activities at each procurement step
  • Gain a broader perspective of your category.


CASME Roundtable meeting venues

How they work

CASME RoundTables take place in cities around the world and cover a comprehensive range of topics related to procurement and strategic approaches.

Suitable for procurement leaders to keep in touch with the latest good practice and for procurement managers to expand their category knowledge, RoundTables provide valuable opportunities to examine current processes and gain leading-edge ideas.

RoundTables are unique in that they are facilitated discussions, not seminars or workshops. They take place in a small confidential group without suppliers, sponsors or consultants, and are hosted by a specialist procurement facilitator who has relevant category experience.

How they work
How to register

How to register

  • Log in to the CASME Resource Centre to see which events are coming up in your region or category
  • Register your interest to attend a RoundTable
  • The CASME Client Services team will follow up with you directly to process your registration.

The agenda

RoundTable agendas are formulated by in-house CASME experts and are designed to examine the latest procurement practices and trends, plus strategies and tactics for managing the category. They include topics requested by members via our feedback process. An agenda discussion topic interest survey is sent to participants to complete in advance of the meeting. This enables the facilitator to guide the discussions during the meeting to focus on the topics of most interest to the delegates, as well as ensuring that individual issues and challenges are covered.

CASME members gain the most value from attending RoundTables by taking the time to think about the following before the event:

  • Examine the current procurement and sourcing strategy regarding your category
  • Review your category strategy or, if more appropriate, review the information you need to help formulate one
  • Identify any information you would like to gain at the RoundTable and which questions you would like to ask
  • Cross-check the discussion topics on the agenda with your own questions.
The agenda
On the day

On the day

Registration starts from 8.30am and the day finishes at 4.00pm. Arrive early to enjoy the complimentary refreshments and maximise the opportunity to meet and interact with other CASME members from your procurement category throughout the day.

The purpose of RoundTables is for delegates to share procurement knowledge and experience. All contributions to the discussion are welcome, do not hesitate to ask other delegates about their particular issues and challenges.

There is no need to take notes during the event, as a dedicated CASME note-taker will draft an account of the discussions. Detailed Notes will be emailed to you after the event once they have been reviewed by the facilitator.

RoundTable Meeting Notes are subsequently made available to the CASME community and can be downloaded by logging in to the Resource Centre.


Apply your key learnings to your category strategy and procurement processes. You can download additional supporting information at any time from the wide range of Notes, Recordings, Procurement Insights and your company's Benchmarking reports in the Resource Centre.

Report any useful tips and information to your colleagues to help enhance your team’s procurement knowledge and success.

CASME will provide you with the email addresses of the other delegates so you can stay in touch afterwards.

The Online Forum service provides a platform for continued discussions after the event between the attendees, moderated by a subject matter expert from the CASME team. Forums provide the opportunity to build on discussions, procurement issues or topics raised at RoundTables and to contribute ongoing insights and views. See Online Forums for more information.

CASME welcomes your feedback and any suggestions so that we can continue to improve membership services.


What our clients say about us

  • I'm pleased to say that my expectations were exceeded in almost all respects, and this RoundTable event was one of the best of its type that I have attended. There were a number of key learnings that we took from discussions which will add value across our organisation.

    Jonathan Guy

    Purchasing Manager - Purchasing Transformation at Jaguar Land Rover

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