Procurement Hot Topics in Latin America

Friday, August 14, 2020

This week's ‘Hot Topics’ Procurement Briefing given by Graham Crawshaw (CASME’s Services Director) to members based in Latin America, highlighted the actions necessary to manage the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain.

Given that Brazil has experienced some of the most significant impacts of COVID-19 in the world, those attending the presentation were able to share their local perspectives and experience.

Key takeaways: 

- Building and maintaining relationships with suppliers is a key priority for Procurement. To balance this, suppliers are also expected to assist and provide peripheral support to their clients – it must be a two-way approach. Once the crisis is over it will be remembered which suppliers offered help and which didn’t.

- Consolidation of the supply base may be something that is developed to help manage a future crisis. During the epidemic, it has been necessary for Procurement to increase the number of suppliers and SKUs, due to severe disruption in the market.

- Procurement's ability to identify the origin of goods and services is also a high priority for risk management.

The recording from this meeting will subsequently be made available to all CASME subscribers via the member-only Resource Centre. Procurement teams can review these collective insights and develop best practice in a frequently changing world. 


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