Jeff Devon


Main procurement specialisms:

Marketing, Facilities Management, HR, SRM, Negotiations Training


Companies previously worked for:

Hewlett Packard, Chevron


Most senior role held:

Senior Director, Indirect Procurement


Greatest achievements in Procurement:

1. Transitioned Procurement from being a tactical function to a valued business partner with a strategic advantage

2. Negotiated a USD 10 million signing bonus during extension of a contract with a global IFM supplier

3. Developed and implemented a career planning and retention plan to provide continuity of indirect procurement function


Best procurement advice I’ve been given:

Never turn down an opportunity to grow in experience and to expand your sphere of influence


Procurement advice I’d give:

Live in the world of your stakeholders. Understand their business needs, challenges and aspirations. Their goals must be your goals. Develop strong business relationships with them as a trusted and valued partner. If you want to be heard speak only in their language, not procurement-speak.


What I wish I’d known:

Never ever go into a negotiation unprepared. Know as much about your suppliers as they know about you, including their business challenges


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