Buying Promotional Print – Tips for Better Results

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Print procurement managers from various industry sectors recently gathered in New Jersey for a CASME RoundTable and spent the day discussing the challenges they face and how to tackle these problems; from improving brand control, to managing suppliers and reducing spend for printed marketing materials such as advertising, promotions, media inserts and direct mail.

During the meeting, delegates openly shared their experience, knowledge and good practice for mutual benefit.

Examples of Good Practice:

  • Reducing risk and consolidating print purchasing power by centralising the core print expenditure with an expert, such as a print management company (PMC), or experienced printer with a print management solution
  • Standardising the corporate print requirements, to further increase the company’s leveraging power with PMCs and preferred suppliers
  • Establishing consistency across all items being sourced and produced, by seeking innovative online technologies with suppliers to assist in compliance with brand guidelines
  • Working closely with corporate and internal marketing stakeholders regarding suppliers’ payment terms
  • Offering supply chain financing as an option, particularly for smaller and/or diverse suppliers
  • Ensuring that sufficient print expertise remains in-house; print is a technical subject that requires specific knowledge of the optimum production processes in order to deliver the best value.

Key Takeaways:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of working through a print management company (PMC) versus working directly with a preferred supplier list (PSL)
  • PMCs can be very effective for mitigating the risk of any type of fragmented business that has print requirements across various buyers, departments and regions
  • Different needs, cultures, applications and budgets will influence the decision-making process regarding the chosen print procurement strategy and cost model
  • Noosh software is recommended as possibility for integrating the work of Marketing and Procurement on joint projects, saving time and costs

New ideas regarding the content of supplier performance review meetings, particularly those focused on the relationships of PMCs with their selected print suppliers.

Detailed Notes from the New Jersey RoundTable on Printed Marketing Materials will shortly be available to CASME subscribers by logging on to the Resource Centre. 

Find out more about CASME’s RoundTable programme for Indirect Procurement.


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