8 Key Takeaways for FM Procurement Professionals

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Taken from the discussions between members at a recent CASME RoundTable Meeting, check out these 8 points to review as the pandemic continues:

  1. Clarify how the company's real estate strategy will be amended as employees work from home
  2. Reassess catering services and consider solutions such as home deliveries to employees
  3. Ensure that the quality of services and user experience are maintained for employees who cannot work from home, such as those working in factories or laboratories
  4. Discuss options with FM service providers for adapting to the reduced demand, to help them to avoid redundancies; for example, by providing home office cleaning services to employees
  5. Assist FM service providers to retain or reallocate their employees
  6. Continue to pay FM service providers, despite the reduction in demand, so that they can avoid the need to furlough their employees, and to promote a positive company image
  7. Engage with the service providers to develop strategies to support them in the future
  8. Consider options for enabling employees to return to working on-site at the company's facilities, such as providing them with COVID-19 vaccines and tests, and home or on-site body temperature scanners.

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