Our Values

We are proud of our success in uniting procurement professionals around the world to inspire procurement excellence. Our commitment to our customers is expressed in our company values:


  • We have made it our mission to create a collaborative environment without the influence of suppliers, consultants or sponsors
  • We encourage the sharing of authentic, unbiased information in complete confidence
  • We respect our clients’ confidentiality and strive to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and customer service.


  • Our services are designed to appeal directly to visionary leaders at every level wishing to enhance their own procurement practice and that of their colleagues 
  • To create a distinctive service offering, we proactively develop CASME services in partnership with our clients by requesting and responding to specific feedback
  • We are committed to building a truly global organisation to support professional procurement career development, in partnership with recognised industry bodies around the world.


  • We genuinely care about the value received by our customers; we aim to develop long-standing relationships and personal connections with our clients to provide quality services
  • Our procurement connection services are unique; our goal is to be the first choice for easily accessible resources and practical information which supports procurement departments in the delivery of their business objectives
  • We recognise the collective power of knowledge, experience and ideas. We encourage full participation in our interactive services, and enable procurement teams to share beneficial insights and apply actionable intelligence to become even more successful.

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