Jack Kelley


Main procurement specialisms:

MRO, Outsourced Services (Travel, Engineering, HR, Professional, Catering, IT), Logistics/Packaging, Supplier Selection/Management, Negotiations (Contracts, Supplier Relations, Stakeholders), Supply Chain Management Processes and Implementation


Companies previously worked for:

TRW, Nippon Electronics Corporation (NEC), Unisys Consulting


Most senior role held:

Vice President Supply Chain & Procurement


Greatest achievements in Procurement:

1. Introduced procurement best practices to Asia region

2. Founded International Procurement Association (IPMA) Asia

3. Mentored more than 150 successful procurement leaders


Best procurement advice I’ve been given:

You can always find time to do what you think is important; customer gratification influences market demand; only a 'win-win' matters


Procurement advice I’d give:

Be passionate in learning all you can about applying digitalisation to proven, innovative procurement best practices. A procurement supply chain cannot be stronger than its weakest link


What I wish I’d known:

How much the scope, complexity and speed of change would affect procurement roles, expectations and practices during my career


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