Ian Hamilton



Main procurement specialisms:

Logistics, Packaging/Raw Materials, Energy, SAP P2P System Implementation, Procurement Management and Structures


Companies previously worked for:

Kimberly Clark, ICI


Most senior role held:

South Asia Procurement Director


Greatest achievements in Procurement:

1. Centralised Procurement across nine countries in South Asia, while implementing the SAP P2P system

2. Negotiated global supply agreements, saving millions on product spend

3. Negotiated and implemented a natural gas supply agreement from a new field, that delivered significant annual cost savings to a pulp and paper mill and opened up gas supply to the south east area of South Australia


Best procurement advice I’ve been given:

To reach agreement in a negotiation, use the technique of asking each party to present the other side's argument. This allows both parties to gain a different and more empathic perspective of each other


Procurement advice I’d give:

Obtain academic qualifications in procurement after working for a business in an operational role(s). Be clear on your internal needs and the capabilities of the market participants before entering into negotiations; then be very perseverant in negotiations to reach your stretch goals and exceed targets


What I wish I’d known:

The negative impact that my decisions on changing suppliers could have on supply organisations



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